Rotary Table CNC Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Machines
Cellular CNC Shot Peening and Blasting Machines
Cusomized sizes and shapes available using standard components and motion controls systems.  These machines offer a small foot print but also allow for multiple parts types to be processed.   Product Literature
Rotary Table CNC
Four sizes of rotary machines are available as a standard product line.  Each size machine is available with multiple options such as quantity and type of axes needed for the application. Multiple shot delivery systems such as continuous direct pressure, alternating direct pressure and gravity feed suction are optional.  The CNC controls allows for any part to be quickle processed without the need for long set up times.  As long as the part will fit into the machine the motion control can use its axes motion to peen or blast the area of part desired  Product Literature

CNC machines offer exact and repeatable nozzle position for exceptional control of peening and blasting processes. CNC is the flexible method of peening or blasting a wide range of parts. Using the motion control allows the user to reduce costly set up time of nozzles.  It also allows for total coverage of the parts using less compressed air.  Time cycles are normally much reduced because no unwanted over peening/blasting is done.  CNC shot peening offers precise nozzle-to-part motion control that allows for the correct shot peening and blasting intensity throughout the part.

The correct intensity will allow easy Almen strip saturation verification. Controllers are off-the-shelf and use industry wide G code commands. The controller’s service life is measured in decades. Controlled Intelligent Motion Computer Alarm Parameters (CIMCAP) is available as an option on all of our CNC equipment. Our PC-based passive computer program allows a novice to learn how to quickly program the CNC system.

A simple click on a specific CIMCAP icon and the program will write the G code line for the programmer. CIMCAP is also used for process monitoring and alarm management.
Enclosure Sizes
Model RT4860:  48 deep x 60 wide x 96 tall. 
Model RT6075:  60 deep x 75 wide x 96 tall.
Model RT6699:  66 deep x 99 wide x 108 tall.
Model RT66116:  66 deep x 115.5 wide x 108 tall.  
Axis Options Nozzle Manipulator
Vertical (Z) 24-60 inches
Horizontal (X) 24-72 Inches
Nozzle Tilt (A) 190 degrees
Nozzle Yaw (B)  ±180
Rotary Lance

Axis Options Rotary Table
Spindle (C) indexing or continuous
Table Slide (Y) 29-38 inches

Other Key Options

Dual shot delivery

Direct pressure shot delivery

Gravity feed suction shot delivery

Multiple Control Panel set ups

AMS 2432 compliant

PC Cimcap alarm software

CNC controllers

Single or batch processing