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With over 20 years of experience in domestic and international shot peening and blast machine building, we have solutions for all of your project requirements.   Innovative Peening Systems manufactures all types of air blast and shot peening machine types.  Manual, CNC, and robotic arm are all available in many standard and custom styles and shapes.

Computer aided design in 3D modeling enable IPS to integrate proven major components into a machine design that results in a customized system for the customer with standard components.  Electrical software programs coupled with ladder logic programs enable IPS to provide a flexible standard product to the end user.
IPS operates in  35,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  This facility has  four 20,000 pound bridge cranes throughout the building with a 23 foot hook height.  With 3000 amps of power and 1000 cfm of compressed air we have the capacity to runoff any size blast machine built today.  Our welding and machine shop craftsmen are experienced blast machine builders.  Our CNC plasma cutting, machine shop and water jet cutting capabilities allow us to build the most precision machines known in the industry.
Our service starts with a total machine design that the customer can approve.  Installations are always supervised.  Warranty is common in the industry and are seriously dealt with.  The machine is then supported for life with excellent customer service.
Electrical Integration
Our experienced motion control experts have the knowledge and innovation to provide simple motion to machines or complex CNC intelligent motion to any blast machine.  Our CIMCAP process monitoring software has a flexible design and can be used in any shot peen or blast machine either air or centrifugal wheel in any application.
Innovative Peening Systems
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