Robotic Articulating Arm

  Customer choice of robot is available.  Normally this type of robotic motion is specific to an application type like plastic media blasting or a specific motion is needed that the gantry CNC cannot provide.  Articulating arm robots are historically cheaper than CNC gantry robots but can be more expensive to repair should wear occur inside the enclosure.

Innovative Peening Systems

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CNC  Motion Control

Robotic CNC shot peening and blasting machines offer exact and repeatable nozzle position for exceptional control of peening and blasting processes.  CNC is the flexible method of peening or blasting a wide range of parts.  Innovative Peening Systems connects the CNC multiple axis controller to a servo drive gantry robot mounted external of the blasting enclosure.  The gantry robot penetrates the ceiling with a boom that moves the nozzle with vertical, horizontal, wrist and tilt movements.  The part holding table is also a coordinated axis in the CNC controller.  The table has indexing or continuous variable speed control and can be mounted on a horizontal axis 90 degrees from the horizontal nozzle axis thus giving the customer total movement control.

CNC Program Assistant and Process Monitoring Software

Controlled Intelligent Motion Computer Alarm Parameters or CIMCAP is a process monitoring and data control software that is integrated into any type of blast machine.   The CIMCAP software allows novice CNC programmers to learn motion programs quickly.  CIMCAP is a PC based passive program that will write G code for the programmer with a simple click of a mouse.  CIMCAP also offers process monitoring and alarm management. 
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