Automated Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Machines
Indexing Turntable Machines
These highly automated machines offer customers a high-production rate for parts that are similar in size.  The operator loads a fixture while a part is processed inside the cabinet. The parts rotate in front of a series of nozzles that can be mounted on a combination of nozzles axis. After the cycle time is over, the doors open and the main table indexes. Exposing the finished part to an operator or unloading/loading robot.  Product Literature

CNC machines offer exact and repeatable nozzle position for exceptional control of peening and blasting processes. CNC is the flexible method of peening or blasting a wide range of parts. Using the motion control allows the user to reduce costly set up time of nozzles.  It also allows for total coverage of the parts using less compressed air.  Time cycles are normally much reduced because no unwanted over peening/blasting is done.  CNC shot peening offers precise nozzle-to-part motion control that allows for the correct shot peening and blasting intensity throughout the part.

The correct intensity will allow easy Almen strip saturation verification. Controllers are off-the-shelf and use industry wide G code commands. The controller’s service life is measured in decades. Controlled Intelligent Motion Computer Alarm Parameters (CIMCAP) is available as an option on all of our CNC equipment. Our PC-based passive computer program allows a novice to learn how to quickly program the CNC system.

A simple click on a specific CIMCAP icon and the program will write the G code line for the programmer. CIMCAP is also used for process monitoring and alarm management.

Batch Indexing Turntable Machines
Ideal for high production rates for parts that are similar in size. The operator loads the parts on fixtures, starts the cycle, and can then "walk away" until all parts are completed. The parts rotate in front of a series of nozzles that can be mounted on a combination of nozzle axes.  Product Literature
Many machine sizes and functions are available. Product Literature