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Innovative Peening Systems is a manufacturer of high quality automated shot peening and abrasive blasting machinery.  Our robotic shot peening and abrasive blasting machines offer cutting edge motion control and shot delivery systems.  CNC shot peening offers precise nozzle to part motion control that allows for the correct intensity to occur throughout the part.  Correct intensities will allow for easy Almen strip saturation verification to occur. The CIMCAP software allows novice CNC programmers to learn motion programs quickley.  CIMCAP is a PC based passive program that will write G code for the programmer with a simple click of a mouse.  CIMCAP also offers process monitoring and alarm management.  IPS also offers articulating arm robotic machines for off the shelf robotic motion control.  

Machinery meets or exceeds AMS-2430, AMS-2432

Other machinery types include manual and automatic machines and blast rooms. IPS also offers a quality detailed job shop for shot peening, abrasive blasting, plastic media blasting and machine repair and modifications.  

Our turbine airfoil coatings job shop provides sacrificial protection on turbine parts reducing corroding and eroding while leaving substrate metal intact.

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